How to create a custom Instagram location?

You probably a daily user of Instagram. Or you probably an Instagram addict. Or you’re whatever you want to be with Instagram.

So, if you like to post pictures in Instagram, I think adding location to your post makes it more fun and helps to categorize the pictures, so it’ll be easier to find them in the future. Before the updates, you can create locations whatever you want directly from Instagram app. But now, you can’t do it anymore. If you want to add a location on your post, it must be a registered one or the already recognized location.

But don’t worry, you’ll still able to add yours, but need a little bit hassle. You only need one app though to make it. You need a Facebook app to create it. I think most of people have this app on their smartphones. If you haven’t, just download it on App Store or Google Play or whatever you have on your phone.

So, how to create the Instagram location?
Here’s how.. I provide a link from because I find his way is clear, easier, and works fine.
Just click this link and no need to thank me later. Because it’s not me to make that post.




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